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Textbook Online Pre-ordering Guide (Part II)

Step 3 - Completing Your Payment

The prepaid expense for each book is 200, and it will take a couple of weeks for us to confirm the full market price for each textbook. The prices will be updated onto the website once we have them. The remaining balance of your orders is expected to be paid while the books are being collected. More detail on this will be sent to you by email before the Autumn semester starts, including pickup dates, payment methods, and other relevant instructions.

Step 4 - Book collection

The collecting location is the COZYBO2K store (Portland Building Room 116-117). You will be informed by email when the books in your order arrive and ready for collection. Please bring your student ID card and complete your payment at the book store if you have yet to do so by that time.


1. Missing the Pre-ordering Deadline: In order for you to receive your books on time, please make sure to order your books before the deadline. However, in case some of you were to miss the deadline somehow, we do still accept late orders after the deadline but they will not be dealt with until the final day of that month (starting on June). The prices for late ordered books are likely to rise and please do not expect to receive the late ordered books in time for your classes since it normally takes up to 3 months for them to arrive.

2. Refund Policies: Any refund requests submitted before the pre-ordering deadline are guaranteed to be accepted. It normally takes about 7 working days for a refund request to be processed, and the full prepaid amount will be given back to you on Wechat or in cash, depending on the method you chose to pay. If a refund request is submitted after the preordering deadline, the prepaid amount will NOT be returned unless the arrival of the book is delayed. The prepaid expense for each book has been raised from 50 to 200 this time, so please check your shopping basket carefully before you proceed to check out so that you do not spend money on books you do not need..

3. Stock and Delivery Status Updates: the latest stock and delivery status of each textbook will be updated on the COZYBO2K home page as well as the information page for the book,so that this time you can check for yourselves when your ordered books will be ready for collection. You will also be informed by email if any delay were to happen to any textbooks.

Complaint: please send any complaint e-mails to the following account.

Email: Textbook@nottingham.edu.cn

Contact us:

Store: COZYBO2K_NOTTINGHAM (Portland Building Room 116-117)

Email: cozybo2knottingham@126.com

Telephone: 13567884917 (Ms Liu)

Opening Hours: 9:30 – 19:00 Monday to Sunday