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Textbook Online Pre-ordering Guide (Part I)

Step 1 – Information Check

· For checking which compulsory and optional modules offered by the Program you are studying, you could search it by the following link (Please click “Search for Courses”)


· For checking the module code/title for modules you have been enrolled for Autumn semester 2018-19, please refer to the form you have completed and submitted to your Faculty Office.

Useful Links

Online Course (Module) (please click “Search for Courses”):


Plan (Program) Catalogue (Please click “Search for Plans)


Step 2 – Pre-order Textbooks

Once you have a clear list of modules you are going to study in spring semester, there are three ways for you to pre-order the 2017-2018 Spring Semester textbooks: pre-order online, by email or in store.

Option 1. Pre-order online from the bookshop website

Ø Log-in:

a. Visit the pre-ordering web page http://www.cozybook.com/en

b. Username: your UNNC email address(e.g.xxxxxxx@nottingham.edu.cn)

First time login default password: nottingham

c. Upon successful login, you will need to create a new password and update account details.

Ø Information Search: You may search the textbooks by module name/module code/book title.

Ø Textbook selection: When the book title is displayed in the textbook column. Please click “textbook” column to add to the cart.

Ø Online Payment (WeChat Pay only): We are only accepting WeChat Pay at the moment for online payments. Please scan the QR Code using your Wechat app.

Ø Placing an Order: Before placing your order, please read our delivery terms and refund policies carefully. You will not be able to place an order unless you have confirmed your agreement to those terms by ticking in the box.

Ø Pay Offline: if you don’t have WeChat Pay, you may pay offline later by making payment in cash at the University bookshop counter (Located in Portland Building Room 116 & 117).

Ø Please note that we do not have reference price this time for any of the textbooks. If you would like to get an idea of the approximate cost for a book, you could check on other websites such as Amazon.

Ø Order Cancellation or Change: If there are books in your order that you wish to cancel, you may do so by clicking the red ‘refund’ button next to the book title and fill a form in ; or you may cancel the whole order by clicking the ‘refund’ button on the right hand corner. Refund request will be processed by us as quickly as possible. Please read our refund policy below for more information.

Option 2. Pre-order by e-mail

Send a complete list of all textbooks you wish to pre-order to cozybo2knottingham@126.com. Please include in the email the book titles and the corresponding module codes for which the books are required. The bookshop staff will then follow up with your case regarding deposit amount, and the way of payment.

Option3. In store

Visit the University Bookshop COZYBO2K_NOTTINGHAM (Portland Building Room 116-117) to order the textbooks. Please provide the book titles and the corresponding module codes to our staff.

Starting Date and Deadline: All three methods of pre-ordering will start on 7th May 2018 and end at 1:00 pm, 28th May 2018. All prepaid expenses must be submitted before the deadline, otherwise the order will be canceled automatically.